Plan an Early Fall Vacation Now

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Plan an Early Fall Vacation Now

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Have you taken a vacation in the last two years? If so, consider yourself lucky. Because apparently, most Americans are lousy when it comes to enjoying paid time off. According to Allianz Global's 11th annual "Vacation Confidence Index" survey, 36 percent of Americans took their last vacation more than two years ago, and 51 percent haven't taken a trip in over a year.

Allianz, a company that offers travel insurance, found that the respondents' lack of vacations came down primarily to cost: 44 percent of the people said they felt like they didn't have the money for a vacation. But just because you don't have a lot of cash saved up, doesn't mean you can't get out of town. After all, multiple studies have found that spending money on experiences like travel brings far more lasting joy than spending money on physical goods.


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And speaking of sweet travel deals, Southwest is currently hosting a pretty epic sale on fares near and far—ensuring that the cost of your next vacation is a whole lot easier to stomach. The key is early planning. Forget about summer, it's probably too hot to enjoy a locale anyway. These deals are for fall trips, specifically from September 4th to December 5th. You just need to book by July 18th.

Where can you go? How about Portland for $136 roundtrip (from Los Angeles)? What about Havana, Cuba for $204 (from Fort Lauderdale)? Or Denver for $127 (from Chicago)? Or Austin for $250 (from New York)? There are countless options from a wide range of destinations with very little blackout dates and often cheaper fares than even the site promotes. So click around and find somewhere you want to go. Chances are, you've got the time. And at these prices, you've likely got the money to make the trip too.

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The US Travel Association's Project: Time Off initiative found that American employees were using less than half of their vacation days to travel, which tallied up to around eight days, on average.

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