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The 10 best pieces you need to get the most out of your bike this summer

The best summer bike cycling gear

When the sun is shining and the breeze is blowing, there are few pleasures as satisfying as whizzing through the warm summer air on two wheels. Whether you're simply hopping on for a quick ride to the other side of town or taking off for a long scenic cycle through the country, make sure you're stocked with the best gear. For some, that means a modern helmet that takes protection to the next level. For others, it's swapping out standard items for those engineered for performance with all the bells and whistles. Trust us, when you upgrade your gear, you'll definitely appreciate the difference between that solid standby and the best of the best. Here's how to kit up for cycle season.


Your 2019
Bike Gear Checklist

Bontrager WaveCel Road Bike Helmet

The innovative mesh inside this new helmet is a real game-changer. Lightweight and breathable, the collapsible cellular structure makes this 48 times more effective than traditional helmets.

WaveCel road bike helmet,
$149.99 by Bontrager

Bikeroo Padded Bike Seat

Well-reviewed for its ability to distribute pressure and absorb shocks

Padded bike seat,
$30.97 by Bikeroo

Opamoo Frame-Mounted Phone Holder

Whether you use your phone for turn-by-turn directions, training and tracking or simply to control your music on your commute, this keeps it all front and center, plus there's handy storage underneath.

Frame-mounted phone holder,
$17.99 by Opamoo

Play-Haus Design Wood and Steel Bike Wall-Mount

Wood and steel bike wall-mount,
$55 by Play-Haus Design

CamelBak Insulated Water Bottle

Insulated water bottle,
$14 by CamelBak

Spurcycle Coated Stainless Steel Bike Bell

Coated stainless steel bike bell,
$59 by Spurcycle


Linus Sac Bike Bag

Hooks to your rack and features a magnetic closure, interior pockets and a detachable shoulder strap

Sac bike bag,
$69 by Linus

Brooks England Weather-Resistant Removable Light

Weather-resistant removable light,
$22 by Brooks England

Park Tool Cyclone Chain Scrubber

Cyclone chain scrubber,
$25.95 by Park Tool

Saris Bones Trunk-Mount Rack

Lightweight yet strong with secure, paint-friendly mounts and room for three bikes

Bones trunk-mount rack,
$174.99 by Saris

The Tesla of Electric Bikes

The handsomely designed S2 has an intelligent motor, integrated lighting and near-invisible battery, Plus, you can activate a turbo boost mode at the push of a button. The theft-defense system features tamper detection with alarm and Bluetooth connectivity automatically unlocks the bike as you walk up to it.

$2,998 by VanMoof

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