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How to

Air out your jacket or suit beforehand. Then lay it flat on a hard surface and brush it, starting at the top and working your way down. Make sure to attack areas like armpits and the tops of pockets which can gather lint (and attract moths).

Two-Sided brush, $18,
at Kent's eBay shop

It Off


Your grandfather probably didn't dry clean his suit. He likely brushed his blazers, suits and coats. And so should you. Instead of a chemical bath, a brush gently removes dirt and lint,  which actually extends the life of your garments and even removes some of that dreaded shine that appears on well-worn pants and jackets. The best brushes have always been made by Kent,  a British company that's been crafting them from hardwood and natural bristle since 1777. Of course, quality and pedigree come at a high cost. Thankfully, Kent has an eBay outlet store that sells a variety of brushes with minor blemishes (like a small knot in the wood of a handle) at deep discounts. This two-sided model has both stiff bristles for removing heavier grime and a soft side that's ideal for finishing.