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James Bond Style


For fifty years, James Bond's confidence in black tie formalwear has made women melt and men envious. But Bond is just as suave when he's in more practical clothing. Like a true secret agent, he stands out by blending in. Bond is at his best in the cold greys, blues and browns Sean Connery wore in Dr. No (which hit theaters half a century ago) and Daniel Craig dons in Skyfall, premiering next month. And while Bond has worn suits designed by Turnbull & Asser, Brioni and Tom Ford, the average civilian can simply take inspiration from his wardrobe of well-tailored classics: trim jackets, crisp shirts and rakish accessories—items that make any guy walk with a little extra swagger.

- Adam Rhew

Shirt, $85 by Hugh & Crye

Wool suit,
$590 by J.Crew

Tie, $80
by Brooks Brothers

$4,125 by

Fedora, $130
by C.C. Milan

Polo, $105
by Sunspel

Swim Trunks,
$230 by
Orlebar Brown

$10 by KW

Bond mistrusted anyone who tied his tie with a Windsor knot. It showed too much vanity. It was often the mark of a cad."

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