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The Return

Lightning Bolt

If you haven't heard, old school surfwear style is back. And Lightning Bolt is one brand that keeps popping up on our radar. The 70s-era label relaunched last year, and this summer has hit its sweet spot thanks to their authentic take on archival designs. Which makes sense considering the line is now overseen by Jonathan Paskowitz, who grew up shredding the world's waves as part of the famed first family of surfing. "Growing up in Hawaii in the '70s, Bolt was beyond popular—it was all that was good in surf—the real deal," he tells us. "So the summer line is all shorts and shirts that we crafted from the original, deadstock cloth we have from Bolt's heyday."  And take it from a pro, the man swears that shorter shorts are easier to move in and simply more masculine. "Those longer trunks came from urban style that crept into the scene, but look at your silhouette with trunks that hit just above the knee—the leg is longer, your body looks better."

  • Doug Pray's documentary, "Surfwise," tells the tale of Paskowitz's offbeat upbringing. $18 at Amazon or $15 on iTunes



The Return:
Lightning Bolt

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