{02.25.11} Trends

The Buttons

Described as a Six-on-Two or a Four-on-Two. The first number indicates the total buttons and the second, the ones you actually fasten.

Where to Find Them

Hugo by Hugo Boss, Massimo Alba, J.Crew and Ralph Lauren (who made the blazer to the left).

  • Keep It Closed: When buttoned, a double breasted jacket can be extremely slimming. But when it's open, it just hangs awkwardly.

The name of the functional inner button which keeps the jacket flaps in line.

Guys Getting It Right
60-Second Guide to

Double Breasted Suits


Descending from 17th-century military uniforms and frock coats, the classic "London Drape" style was created in the 1920s and was popular until the 1950s. It enjoyed an '80s resurgence as the suit for Wall Street types.


Hip brands like Michael Bastian and Band of Outsiders offer trim takes on the power suit, with the same swagger and Savile Row tailoring, but leaner lapels and buttons sewn closer together.

Blazer, $1,395 by Ralph Lauren