Seasonal Staple

Your Winterized Chinos

Now that the weather's really starting to turn, it's the perfect time to pull on one of the season's best all-around fabrics: moleskin. What is moleskin? It's not made from the skin of moles. It's actually a thick cotton fabric that's been brushed and sanded, creating a slightly fuzzy pile on one side. Think corduroy without the wales. Soft yet durable, it stands up well against the elements, from blustery and wet fall days to the most bitter of winter nights. Which is why it makes for such a great fabric for pants. Sub one of these pairs in for your lightweight cotton chinos to keep your legs (and junk) warm all winter long.


Moleskine notebooks are not, in fact, made from moleskin.

LA Panoplie, $146

Billy Reid, $225

L.L. Bean, $49.95

Eidos Napoli, $275

Relwen, $248

J.Crew, $79.50